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A gala to celebrate the 2019 Spring Festival was held

Date:2019-01-24 23:20:24    clicks:

On January 23, 2019, nearly one thousand employees from Donghong Company gathered in Haidai Oasis to welcome the arrival of 2019. They jointly watched the wonderful Spring Festival gala, and the scene was filled with strong enthusiasm and flavor of the New Year.                      

The joyful time is always fleeting, and the party comes to an end unexpectedly. Let's review some memorable programs together!                          

The Doctor and Boiler Man of the service company ranked TOP 1 in the funny list. We found pleasure in the program due to the scrupulous actions, the proper combination of Mandarin and local accent, and the dialect dialogue. But the ending was too hasty and we didn't enjoy ourselves to the full.   

The Foolishly Sentimental of Vehicle Management Department ranked TOP 1 in the difficulty list. Enchantment is the essence and watching point when women practice a dance, but it is not easy for men to practice the dance filling with attractive postures even though there are difficulties. Though the dance failed to reach a professional effect, it was OK for self-entertainment.  

Calorie of Business Department ranked TOP 1 in the orderliness list. It is rare that men are the lead dancers on Donghong's stage. With the uniform movements and performance with smiles on faces of dancers, all left a deep impression on people.           



The opening dance Blessing the Motherland ranked TOP 1 in the beautiful list. They were full of enthusiasm and flies like butterflies with graceful steps together with the dancing partners. All audiences were attracted.    


For Feel of China from Weifang, the dancers showed the love of Chinese and the vitality and fighting spirit of employees of Donghong; In Hand Clap from Container Factory, with the music, girls and boys showed the enthusiasm; Kung Hei Fat Choy of Zibo Branch, Love to Be Naked of Vehicle Frame Factory, Sailor of Jinrun Logistics and Pull the Wine Full of Borui New Materials sang out their own style. Absolute Infatuation, the last song from Service Company attracted all audiences, and incessantly lingered on after the background music come to an end.             

On this year's party, the link of WeChat red packet was added, which significantly increased the participation of employees. When the red packet was sent, all participants in the meeting place were swiping their mobile phones. The lucky draw still adopted the pattern of the previous years and all audiences were excited. Different from the previous years, all big prizes were obtained by all employees of Donghong, which is a kind of affirmation on the work of employees in the previous year and stimulation to work in the new year.         

2018 has been gone and 2019 is coming. For the better development of Donghong, just as the speech addressed by Chairman -- to be a century-old enterprise respected by others. We should work together to move forward and meet greater challenges. 

Han Yanyan